PAACT Family

PAACT Family has been born out of a need to become more efficient in order to help as many parents/Guardians, carers family members as possible understand their loved ones presentations, communication, behaviours and how to support Parents in talking to, schools, local authorities, how to apply for EHC plans, DLA and PIP forms if entitled. How best to support the child or young adult.

PAACT (Parents And Autistic Children Together) was started back in 1998 by three women who found themselves in the world of autism having just received a diagnosis for their children. They were then left to get on with it.

  • Then they needed to know what next.
  • What help is out there?
  • What will be available at school?
  • What is the future going to look like?

The list of questions became endless and all they knew was their child was different or so they were told.

Thanks to the original three asking questions, signposting other parents to services that they found helpful through the council and third sector organisations setting up monthly support group meetings, the difficulties started to reduce as information shared meant parents did not have to start from scratch finding things out for themselves and feeling they were the only family going through this.

At PAACT, We realised our children were different but so were other children and we staredt to learn what we needed to do to help them understand what was going on.

As services started to reduce, PAACT found it harder and harder to signpost families to get the help they needed so we increased the help we were providing.

The help was mainly focussed around families in Lincoln and surrounding villages and over the years and thanks to Zoom and Facebook we have members around the country.

The next progression for “PAACT” is “PAACT Family” where we put all our experience out to the world and have the help for the parents/guardians, carers, and family members to help the child/young person reduce their stress and anxieties.


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