Lincolnshire Autism Conference

15th November 2022

Conference Information

The 24th Annual Lincolnshire autism conference returns to an in-person event for 2022. The theme for this years conference will be focused on education.

Registration will be from 8.45am. The conference will be from 9.30am to 2.45pm


Meet the Speakers

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

Chris Bonnello

Chris Bonnello is an autistic advocate, award-winning writer and international speaker, also a novelist and a former teacher (mainstream primary and special education). In 2015 he launched Autistic Not Weird to share his insights from both a personal and professional perspective, a venture which has seen him attract over 160,000 Facebook followers and over 3 million page hits on his website (, as well as speaking engagements as far away as India and Sydney Opera House. He is the author of the novel series “Underdogs”, a series of dystopia books with heroes from a special school, and “What We Love Most About Life”, an uplifting book designed to help autistic young people feel less alone. He was a nominee for the 2017 National Diversity Awards (Positive Role Model for Disability), two-time winner at the Autism Hero Awards (Top Journalist 2017, Online Social Community 2018) and won the National Autistic Society Professionals Award for Outstanding Achievement by an Individual on the Autism Spectrum in 2019.

Geoff Evans

Geoff Evans is an independent autism trainer and consultant. Over the last 30 years Geoff has gained considerable experience as an autism consultant and trainer. His services have been used by Universities, the National Autistic Society, local authorities, providers of children and adult specialist services as well as parent groups.

Wendy Charles Warner

Wendy is a retired legal professional and a published independent academic researcher and educator with a specialist interest in the field of home education. This interest is based on her view that all children should be provided with an education which enables them to attain their full potential. Wendy has home educated children and grandchildren and has been involved with home education practice and assessment overall for approaching 40 years. In the last 12 years this has included advising individuals, local authorities, NGOs and governments in respect of home education.


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