About Us

In 1998, PAACT was established by three parents who had children diagnosed as Autistic.

Not knowing what that meant or entailed they took it about themselves to find out and at the same time share the findings with other parents. PAACT was born.

PAACT was a sign posting parent support group where parents could contact the group and ask for help and then be sign posted to the appropriate service as well as being invited to their support group meetings.

Since then, services have declined and the need for help has increased. PAACT became more than a sign posting group and decided to help parents understand:

  • Diagnosis process
  • After diagnosis
  • Understanding meltdowns / shutdowsn
  • Understanding entitlement to support
  • Advocacy

The emphasis is around the whole family and what is needed We provide training programmes, conferences, workshops, activities, and support group meetings.

We also have a parent-led closed Facebook page where the advice you get is from other parents who have or are in a similar situation to you and is a great form of support.

Also on Facebook is the PAACT professional group where professionals can support each other and get to know what PAACT have going on so they can pass information over to their families they are supporting.